As a Tutor-Choreographer- Atlanta

It was a pleasure to learn from you. You are an amazing dancer. I saw your past work on your website too- It was remarkable.- Geeta Khanna IFMG, Atlanta Jan 2010 ~ 

Indigo PerformancesPriya, you are the best dance teacher! No matter what, you always keep the show going- Anoop Chandora GAVT Atlanta Apr 2010 ~

Not danced in a while now. Enjoyed the time. Cheers to you- Mayuresh Kalkar IFMG Atlanta Dec 2009 ~ 

Priya, best of luck now and always. We have enriched out lives more with your classes & events for me & my family. Atlanta needs more like you ! – Dr.Savita Velluvil & family, Mar 2010, GAVT Atlanta 2010 ~