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Dance FAQ

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What should I wear?

It’s best to wear something comfortable that allows free movement. Clothing that is too tight, or too short will inhibit your movement, be difficult and uncomfortable to dance in. In beginner dance levels feel free to dress comfortably, sweatpants, yoga tights, tees, khakis, cargos are fine. Overall, stretch, loose clothing offer greater comfort, flexibility or movement and good circulation. Young Children must visit the bathroom before starting class.

What shoes are best?

Different dance styles have different needs. While bare feet or part-soled shoes are best for most classical/folk dances, the more novice dancer in the fitness and social dance sessions might want to start with a good pair of dance sneakers or flat, shoes (no rubber bottoms). Ballet slippers or jazz shoes are also fine. Flip flops, clogs, chunky heels, pencil heels are NOT allowed. Choose a shoe that will not slide off.

What do I need to bring with me ?                        

Drinking water and a face towel. Occasionally, depending on the songs/dance, the tutor may ask you to bring a prop if the dance requires it.

Do I need a certain group to fit in based on my dance ability? will I dance with my own age group ?

You will be automatically placed in a group with mixed abilities based on your present dance skills, age, interest, and other factors.

How long does it take to master a routine that I can perform? How long does it take to dance comfortably in social settings?

The pace and speed at which you pick up is largely through your own efforts, interest and aptitude. The more practice time devoted between lessons, the more satisfactory the results. Largely, in the Bollywoood or Folk Dance lessons, most students who have not danced or danced self-consciously before, begin to dance confidently, finishing a short routine in just 6 lessons. At some stage, you will be encouraged to perform publicly to develop confidence, get feedback and bring to the fore your skills developed. *Indian Classical dance techniques take longer to master. The key to all is:  Practise, be Patient and Persevere!

What if I’ve never danced before?  Is it difficult?

Then you’re in the right place ! If you were already a pro, you wouldn’t need us! Our class schedules are designed to accommodate both brand new dancers as well as those more experienced. The best place to start is with is Newcomer or Intro Series of classes for those new to Bollywood Dance. Learning aides are offered throughout the training. Anything that is new is difficult at first! With continued training & committed practice you too can become a good dancer within no time.

What dances do you offer?

Indigo offers private lessons and group classes in a variety of dance styles, including Bollywood Performance & Social Dancing, Folk Dances of India (eg. Raas, Garba, Bhangra, Lavni etc.) and classical dance (Katthak). One very popular addition that has developed is our Bolly-Fitness workout, that will have you on your toes and making the most of your hour!

How does dance benefit me or others and at what age can one begin ?

There is no age to start learning Bollywood and Indian dance – A student may start if they’re 4 or even 64! We customize our classes based on age and ability of students. Successful students graduated from our courses are across the entire spectrum of arts, sciences, humanities & the professions.  Our dance instruction has benefited & enriched many working professionals as well. Children pursuing dance become well-rounded personalities with not just strong physiques, but also centered, spiritual and disciplined minds in whatever future vocational or career paths they may undertake. Women and housewives discover a musical way to fitness an appealing alternative to the treadmill. Senior citizens find that dancing involves them back in the community, when they take up a class that enriches their lives again. Families who attend class together bond better, spending quality time with each other, something increasingly harder to do in busy lifestyles today.

What are all these names of Folk & Classical dance?

If you are newly acquainted with Indian dances, there are likely  a few dances that you’ve never heard of. In these, you may eventually find some favorite styles, or you may decide that you are just happy with the popular Bollywood format. Our Newcomer Series – Bollywood Dance or Bollyrobics Fitness is a great place to start. Here you may be gradually introduced to various classical dance and folk dance elements from different regions of India like garba, bhangra,  etc. You could right away start with the traditional styles without opting for Bollywood. Please ask the instructor for specific individual guidance.

Will language be a deterrent? I do not speak nor understand Hindi or any Indian language.

Our classes are for diverse nationalities and instruction is imparted in mainly English. We give lyrical interpretations to our students where need be. Music and dance are increasingly becoming more and more universal and language is proving to be insignificant as people of diverse races enjoy watching/performing a variety of dance and music forms today. Most Bollywood songs that we use in our fitness or social class, are uptempo and pace of popular charts music using similar percussion. A lot of songs also employ ‘Hinglish’ a popular blend of Hindi & English.

How would Bollywood or Indian dancing help me develop versatility?

We encourage versatility. With Bollywood dance training under your belt, you are ultimately working towards being a versatile dancer. A ‘versatile’ dancer is someone who can easily pick up a number of local or foreign dances, has good timing to music, excellent control of physical form and changing body-lines, greater understanding of lyrical content, articulation, energy and agility in movement, balance and co-ordination, confidence, grace and elegance, the ability to project emotion through eyes, face, hands, fingers down to the tips of your toes! All this comes with the territory of Bollywood dance and with these under your belt, no dance form will be too difficult to master.

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How will Indian dance advance my dance skills or develop me professionally in the global world? 

Bollywood Dancing- because it is additionally sourced on many dance styles – is a great introduction to other dance forms as well. Students from our overseas classes have become local & international artists, featuring in satellite dance reality shows, TV, scripting, acting or even directing their own films in Bollywood, while others have gone on to become dance teachers. One also sees how the Bollywood dance genre has become hugely popular in global TV shows such as ‘So you think you can dance”, and “___Got Talent” where tutors have trained competitors, brining international exposure to both Indian dance teachers & students alike. The Indian Bollywood industry itself is enormous! – it increasingly employs artists of foreign origin in its productions and today due to its numbers & humongous popularity is the largest entertainment industry in India and in the world. And since Indian classical & folk dance is an inseparable base, if you train in these additionally, it will help improve your core technique.

Why should our children take these lessons? They already learn ballet/tap/hip-hop?

Joining an Indian dance class gives children a sense of how ancient cultures interpret dance and incorporate spiritual expression. Folk dances depict celebrations and events in everyday life. All of the classical Indian dances are based on mythology, rich in tradition and culture. Since these are mostly festive group dances,  they encourage mutual respect, shared responsibility and expand on the child’s natural curiosity & creativity while developing a foreign musical appreciation. Almost all indigenous dance cultures give a snapshot of interdependence of community and a positive ‘feel-good’ outlook to life. Even in the Bollywood style, one sees glimpses of the same. Bollywood lyrics in general do not have profanity. We also try to adhere to age-appropriate lyrics and movements while focusing on imagination and creativity. Indian dance also offers a lot of visual appeal with colourful costumes and unusual props, the projection of emotion & expressive steps, these are the hallmarks of Bollywood /Indian dancing. And who does not love Bollywood music – with its invigorating, uplifting and popular sounds with a cross-cultural following!

Will I manage to lose weight in the Bollyrobics Fitness lessons? 

Getting an ideal body weight or BMI, is the result of being fit. The weight you currently have is a direct result of the combination of your individual lifestyle habits, overall health, nutrition & diet, and your general physical activity, combined with your individual genetic makeup. Daily physical activity is just one part of the whole in your regimen. Dancing is a natural enjoyable way to get fit. If you enjoy dancing, at our Bollywood dance sessions,  you will get the benefits of toner physique, better coordination, good posture, stimulation of mental faculties and acquiring emotional balance. If you’re looking to specifically lose weight, between Bollyrobics classes, practices and recitals, you do manage to shed extra pounds. A Bollywood Fitness class for e.g. can help you lose 300 or more calories with every class, even in its low impact form.  For more specific weight loss advise, you need to consult other experts (dieticians, life coaches etc) in related fields too.

Why should I spend money on professional classes when I can learn some basic dancing from my friends/relatives reasonably cheap/free? 

There are limitations to learning dance from people who do not teach professionally.  Dance & exercise have best results when done as a regular weekly routine rather than random intervals, or for performances only. Whilst you may get a quick fix from or solve an imminent need, (like learning for a specific concert),  among other things most amateur teachers cannot offer are the opportunities to go beyond and above the basic level training. A professional tutor delivers results, in a structured way. If you choose to learn over an extended period, he/she will distribute your learning effectively. Experienced tutors are perceptive, patient, structured and COMMITTED to seeing you EXCEL. Having acquired a keen eye over time, they understand your individual goals, strengths and limitations. While choosing a tutor, it is always beneficial to see the number of years they have spent in their profession, their adaptability to modern trends as well as knowledge of traditional culture, their individual creativity along with their methodology and personality.

Why should I pay money for classes when a lot of instructions are available online nowadays? I can learn these for free or next to nothing just by watching videos….

While online downloads of tutorials are great at giving you basic information and helping you keep up maybe a missed class or two, and while some even give you advanced instruction, there are many good reasons for being in a live class. One: You will be able to receive feedback in real time from the instructor (unlike a one-way video). Being in class also allows you the opportunity to repeat instructions broken down.  Two:  The group energy of dancing in a room full of people cannot be replaced by online tutorials! The whole aim of dance is to have fun and interact with others while you express yourself.  Lastly:   Tutors also organize local public platforms and events for you to display your learning to audiences and to build your confidence (most times for no extra charge).  Interactivity, dancing in a group setting, research and teamwork, are still the tried and tested methods of learning dance the best way. Video aides can only complement your training, not replace it.

Are costumes and accessories always required to be purchased for student performances and recitals?

Recitals and performances are not mandatory. But if opting for them, then students need to organize/purchase clothing that is needed for such recitals time to time, to present in festive, and occasionally, group uniform clothing to correctly represent the dance and for aesthetics. If the academy can provide it, students must purchase from the academy or borrow from academy wardrobe. We keep costs very affordable and give purchase options as early as possible.

What is your holiday schedule?

Our timetable follows the Wake County School calendar in respect of public holidays. We may be closed on the eve of some long weekends as well. Please check at the time of signup to your series. Please ask us for anything not covered in this FAQ.

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