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Indigo introduces fun varied Indian folk styles through Bollywood Dance to people of all ages and backgrounds.  Combining simple classical or folk dance elements from India, watch folk songs come alive as complete newbies try these elements!  We have prolifically represented India and brought workshops of value for multi-cultural learning as part of people’s academic aims.

BOLLY-BABES (Children 4-7 years)

Little kids are a delight to the eyes when dolled up in colorful Bollywood fashion! See our tiny tots take place of pride on stage. The term-end Performance is always so much fun for our budding little aspirants!


Watch as our Bollywood Beginner Teams work it out in class or get up on stage to INSPIRE others! Using easy yet appealing choreography from the original movie score, you can get a great cardio lift with our routines. The dual benefit is learning some snazzy steps for your next trending Bollywood party!

BOLLYWOOD DANCE by Pre-TEENS (Children 8-12 years)

Your pre-Teens discover an India that is a whole new world away from their own. Indigo teaches the most stylized forms of Bollywood dance – in line with trendiest routines and songs from the source country! Enjoy our kids’ performances who not only learn a bit about the culture but also get to show their skills to delighted audiences.


See the most current & hot favorites in Bollywood dance every season at any of our classes! We keep abreast of trending songs to keep you in the Indian movie & music loop!


Indigo was the first and ONLY academy to bring a Silver Award in the Triangle’s most coveted International Dance Competition, with their Bollywood genre by a team of everyday ladies. Titled “The Bollywood Bevy”- trained & led by choreographer Priya Chellani – till date is the ONLY Bollywood representative Adult group to win the second Highest International Dance Group at the 29th Annual Raleigh International Festival, Convention Center. Standing out amidst the formidable competition from teams of Ireland, China, Egypt, Mexico, and many professional level teams, see how they did below 🙂


Our Teens and Adults focus on presentation & technique with several folk and modern forms, going on to be our representatives at several mainstream and/or ethnic community events.


Indigo not just educates aspiring dancers, but is called upon on special occasions to entertain! Watch how we make your occasion come alive with catchy Bollywood numbers by our advanced learners!

BOLLYWOOD TRAINING for Wedding First Dances & Bridal Parties

Have a BIG DAY coming up? Maybe you have an intercultural wedding or are strapped for time to prepare a routine. Let the expert teacher worry about your choreography! Priya’s vast background in cross-cultural dance training – be it Bollywood classics, romantic, latin, freestyle, folk, hip-hop caters to your taste- will help you bring out your best and leave a lasting impression on your guests. See your vision unfold on your special occasion!


Young audiences in North Carolina county schools have thoroughly enjoyed watching and trying out authentic Bollywood moves at our Specialty Workshops for Wake County Schools. Customized individually for all grades, the energy, the pace of Bollywood songs, richness of musicality is done justice by our choice of elegant & vibrant dance expression. A great choice for foreign cultural learning for school children of all ages

See hundreds of more videos of our LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL WORK on our daily ORGANICALLY growing channel – with the largest student dances database in the Carolinas. Subscribe to our channel today!