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From Raleigh-Durham area where classes began June 2013, going right back in time to the 1990’s in India, on our Youtube Channel we have a range of videos that show you the versatility, innovation and integration of Creative Director, Priya Chellani. Some of her archived presentations may be found as well. See more than 400 of Indigo’s works at: Priya’s Youtube Channel “Dance Into the Millennium” – The Carolinas’ LARGEST DANCE DATABASE from a single studio! 

Little kids are a delight to the eyes when dolled up in colorful Bollywood fashion! Watch the teacher here, and then the children’s performance take place of pride at a local Festival:

Indigo introduces fun varied Indian folk styles through Bollywood Dance to people of all ages and levels! Even if they have never danced this genre before; watch them here, trying it out – and having fun!

See how much fun your school or college students have in our special workshops for academic aims!

Exercising never felt so good! Watch as our BollyRobics Teams rock the stage and inspire others to fitness, using steps from the original movie score to get a great cardio lift!

There is no age prescription to enjoy dancing, Humans are born to sing & dance! An “INTRODUCTION to BOLLYWOOD” within a 6-hour class, Active Adults 55+ in NC do their first ever retro Bollywood performance!

Indigo not just educates aspiring dancers but is called upon on special occasions to entertain! Watch how we make your occasion come alive with a catchy Bollywood themed number.

Our Teens and adults focus on presentation & technique with several folk and modern forms, going on to be our representatives at several mainstream community events. See one of our archived performances overseas performing an evergreen dance track!


Our 9-12 year old Tweens do a great job of folk-based Bollywood. Watch them replicate the complex original choreography of the song, created for megastars Priyanka Chopra (of “Quantico” TV show) and Deepika for the 2016 Bollywood film Bajirao Mastani

Trending with the latest chartbusters on the Bollywood scene, we provide entertainment value to our viewers and performance opportunities to our budding students!

Area’s first Bollywood LED FX dance 🙂 with my B-Fit Team…..yesterday’s show. Enjoy! 🙂

Posted by Priya Chellani on Sunday, July 10, 2016

Bollywood Interactive by the innovative leader of Indigo Dance Academy: where everyone in the audience-  ends up at the party on stage!

Watch how our Tweens use props as an extension of their bodies! A fun Bolly-Jazz dance using hats and umbrellas by our 9-12 y olds:

We offer dance to all levels of learners. Watch an intermediate level segment:

Combining elements of Katthak, watch a 90’s Bollywood song come alive as beginner Kathak students fuse the classical with the modern!

See hundreds more videos of our LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL WORK on our daily growing channel with the largest dance database in the Carolinas!  Go to Youtube