From audiences of musical skits

Indigo performances Bollywood Dance Cary NC

Absolutely brilliant job by everybody….dance show by Priya and group, …… everybody did their jobs so well and of course such a great night was the outcome. Great and brilliant show, I know we all clapped very hard after the dance show”– Ramji, IFMG 2009
~Wow, what a party! The shows, skits, presentation, everything was simply wonderful and engaging. The dancers impressed the heck out of me. I’ve known the group for some time and they are talented, caring and genuine people quite capable of creating the “wow” factor”-Syed , Group member IFMG 2009


Good Job! The dancing was awesome. Your students esp Selva looked like professionals….I watched the video yesterday and got goosebumps watching the dance performance. Thanks Priya for the fantastic dance performance and training”- –Westcott Nottingham DJ & Events Manager IFMG