Bollywood dance class for Children

Dancing puppets of India at Raleigh International Festival 2018

The Indigo Kidz once more graced the matinee stage of the Raleigh Festival- along with scores of other kids from many cultures! And it was the biggest group- all 25 of them – and also  the youngest!

Bollywood dance class Puppet Artistry Form of Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is famous for its royal palaces, handicrafts and arts, a must do on the “India tourist” trip.  On its streets lined with very colorful arts & crafts,  you will also see a Folk Puppetry Street Art called ‘Katputhli”  (pronounced  Kat-pooth-lee)  Puppeteers suspend little traditionally & brightly dressed doll,  both male and female, with strings, and entertain audiences of all ages. Kids especially enjoy & laugh with the stories that these puppet dolls narrate through dance on rustic folk music.

The little “dolls of Indigo”

They took the audience on a little trip to Rajasthan through a similar dance on some authentic music that people thoroughly enjoyed!

These sweethearts stole hearts with their bright, beautiful, detailed costumes, complete with “puppet strings”, handcrafted musical instruments, ethnic umbrellas and lamps, as they paraded down the red carpet of Raleigh convention center area along with kids of many other nations. They drew a lot of admiration from the onlookers and were stopped many times for pics by guests!

The repeat performance on Sunday ended with every kid getting a personal certificate & Diwali token from Priya- plus lots of hugs, smiles & cheers from everyone!

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