Bollywood dance class for adults and children

Dance Interactive at Raleigh International Festival 2018

A special hour on Bollywood dance

Visitors at the buzzing Raleigh International Festival were treated to a special segment on Bollywood dance at the Traditions arena with Priya and some of her students engaging them live in a demo-workshop.

Priya opened the show with a short solo followed by a team medley by her newbie students. Among the displays was also a solo Kathak piece danced to the contemporary Shape of You by an upcoming student. The crowds around the stall got super busy as the onlookers standing outside viewed the dancing. Then action erupted!

Everyone got off their seats to give the steps a whirl! Turns out it was more than a little whirl they did, as Priya & her students led the impromptu learners through a  spectrum of pop Garba steps, with the infectious Chogada Tara – the latest track to hit the Bollywood folk market.


The event saw 4 winners of Prizes and gleeful happy faces flushed with the energetic moves of Indigo academy’s lively students!

Click on the pictures to see some of the videos.