Unique on east coast- First ever Bollywood class for Seniors starts!

Indigo Performances
See their popular video here

First ever class for Senior Citizens in Bollywood in the East Coast started summer 2013 through City of Raleigh Parks & Recreations!

Facilitated by Five Points Center for Active Adults, this class broke all stereotypes associated with Bollywood dance on the country’s East coast!

Typically, in the RTP, a concept that had never before been attempted, Indigo with the support of City of Raleigh, made us realize that dance needn’t be designed for just those able of strength but also those young at heart for whom the passion to learn new things never stops! Our brave ladies gave their first ever performance after just 6 lessons under their belt.

“I have been taking Priya’s Bollywood dance class since May 2013. We did a demonstration today in COMPLETE INDIAN ATTIRE!!!!  The class has been fun and challenging all at the same time ! Bollywood dance tells a story & every movement means something…THIS..is amazing !” – Dolores Hall, Student   

 Looking at all the lovely smiles, there is no doubt I want to keep doing the class! Thanks for the fun times!-Ann Baker Ward, Student

Fascinating how in such a short time, the ladies managed to learn all those complex movements ..and that too on  a foreign language- loved their attire too!”- Members of audience