Review from social groups and Indian cultural groups, Atlanta

Priya is a very talented dance instructor with a very broad knowledge of different dance styles. She also organizes teams with some of her students. Very motivating instructor!”October 12, 2008 – Bhatia, Bharat, Organisor, International Multicultural Group, Atlanta, 2010

Priya, I’m proud of you. I am not Indian by birth but learning from you, watching and participating in your show was like a dream come true. I was almost “desi” for a night!! I wish you a happy life. Thanks for everything and God bless you. Shanno Pimentel, Atlanta GAVT /Indigo member 2009

You are the best. Thank you for everything- Vasu Ju, Atlanta, Dec 2009  ~

Thanks Priya for helping us newbies become better dancers. You’ve really been sweet all the way. We love you, Priya! –  Rita Patel, Organizer, IFMG (Indian Friends Meetup Group) Atlanta, Nov 2009

Priya is a great choreographer to learn and work with. Very personable and I enjoyed Priya’s class.Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value-  Sai Kumar , Atlanta, Nov 2010 Crowd dancing to our beat-SAS