Indigo’s Bollywood Dance solo category by student Melizabeth Cooper wins judges’ at Int’l Dance Competition, Sep. 2014

Melizabeth on floor action

Indigo’s Bollywood Solo won 24 on 30 points at the International Dance Competition at Raleigh International Festival 2014 – one of the highest scores at the event, won for its graceful rendition of a Bollywood number by our talented student Melizabeth Cooper.   Top marks on : choreography, choice of music, artistry, musicality, great connection to the audience, great energy, super confidence..and as usual…wonderful costumery!

Even though in its first year, the International Dance Competition was a tough one for our students in their First year. Although learning with us for just under 3 months, they were pitted against international professional dance teams for years: the formidable Irish, the flexible Chinese, the rambunctious Mexican and the sassy Middle eastern among others. Indigo held their own, and were awarded by a team of qualified judges, one of the highest scores in the runners-up league, and certainly the highest in the Bollywood category!

Congratulations to Melizabeth and all our wonderful students for this victory!