Indigo’s Halloween Hungama, Cary Towne Mall, in assoc.with Town of Cary, Oct 2014

Die to beIndigo’s Halloween Hungama, Cary Towne Mall, association with Town of Cary had a GREAT surprise in store for all the audience this year!

Out story unfolded on Halloween Night as Michael J. asks hMJ & his date in car speedingis favorite girl Tangy on a date – and a ride in his new car…..MJ & Tangy call out for help

The car however breaks down on a desolate street. They try to call on their phones for help but…they’re out of range in the middle of nowhere! Tangy notices a house in the far end..she wants to use their phone if she can. MJ warns her not to go there, it looks real creepy! She ignores him..he warns her something ‘BAD’ might happen..but she doesn’t listen..Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 5.56.03 PM.Tangy ventures inside scared but brave..monstrous sounds and sights greet her…a graveyard in the back porch, scary tombstones and a severed human foot!..

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 5.45.59 PMand then… she sees THEM coming towards her…Zombies creep inTangy terrified

the Walking Dead..the skulls and bones, rotting flesh and blood…She screams and screams for help..but help? and her boyfriend.. are nowhere near….!!!!

Thronging crowd-3The audience catches their breath!! the little kids scream!

Wolf howls up as zombies bow round Head bobThat’s because her sweet Michael ..has turned into a horrible WEREWOLF! who dances before the ‘FEAST” with his Creatures of the Night! : A bleeding pumpkin, a hairy scary spiderella, a graveyard ghost bride, a frankensteina, a blood-thirsty vampire, countess Dracula, a classic skeleton and a rather agile Doctor Zombie- who can’t wait to get his hands on-  fresh human flesh!Monster walk