From cultural center in Atlanta

Bollywood dance classes in Cary; Bollywood dance classes in Raleigh; Bollywood dance classes in Apex: Bollywood dance classes in Durham;Bollywood dance classes in Chapel Hill; Bollywood dance classes in Garner;Bollywood dance classes in MorrisvilleIt is a great pleasure of mine in presenting this Letter of Recognition for Ms. Priya Chellani as a gifted teacher for “Art of Dancing”.

This is based on my observation, while she was teaching students at our temple in Atlanta from April 2009 to April 2010.

  • Starting of a dance school in our temple was her own kind initiative, for the benefit of the community.
  • In teaching she exhibited in-depth knowledge of both Asian-Indian and Western style dances.
  • She was equally dedicated to all the students irrespective of their age, sex and prior dance-knowledge level.
  • In class she had a charisma of creating a family-atmosphere among all.
  • Her students always captivated the audience with their presentations of their newly acquired dancing talents, in some of the temple’s major festivals programs.
  • She was also a very pleasing, congenial and social person, which won her lot of friends both inside and outside the class. We missed her, when she had to depart from Atlanta for good family reasons.

In summary, I have a great respect for her talent in teaching the Art-of-dancing and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.

With best regards, –Dhirendra Sharma, President, Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple :