Bollywood@DragonBoat ASIA AMERICA Festival

17 students of all ages met where the best of Asian community talents congregate together to have a festive and sporting time each year!

We were excited once again to represent Indian/Bollywood Dance culture at the exciting annual ASIAN FESTIVAL! 1000’s cheered our performers as we took to the Amphitheater stage, sharing with the finest talents of diverse & ethnic communities through upbeat Bollywood music & dance.

The act was one of the highlight headlines just before the Awards Ceremony felicitating the participants of the Dragon Boat Race Teams on the Symphony Lake.

As soon as the Indian dhol started playing at the end of the dance show, crowds thronged the stage to join in some impromptu pop bhangra by Priya and her students. It was a heady, exciting few minutes as people broke into the Indian rhythm and tried a bit of the dancing for themselves!

Check out the full album here