Bolly-folk Dance@Festifall Chapel Hill NC

Many experienced the joy of Bollywood Folk Dance at Festifall- an annual celebration that brings the community together around a diverse array of arts experiences in Chapel Hill
People enjoyed the performances brought by Dance Teacher and Lifetime Coach, Priya Chellani, along with student-associate as they demonstrated Raas-Garba – a vibrant folk dance form from west of India. Dancing along, learning some unique steps, on the rhythmic sounds of bamboo sticks connecting, people enjoy the rustic sounds of Bollywood/Folk music for the whole family.
The festival advances its mission of inspiring creativity and celebrating community for a better Chapel Hill and is curated along the lines of our values of inclusion, experience, and understanding.

Bollywood folk dance; garba folk dance classes; dandia folk dance classes
Members of the public enjoying learning how to wield and beat the sticks to the percussion of the Dandia dance drum.