Bollywood Kidz@CARY Fest in the West

In the heart of the RTP, one MORE Festival rolled into Cary this year, where our young ‘uns regaled the multicultural audience with some catchy Bollywood showcases.

Held at the USA Baseball National Training Complex in Cary, the Fest was organized by the Cary Citizen in conjunction with Town of Cary. There were entire parks dedicated to showcase and promote local arts and crafts and entertainment all over the sprawling campus.

Indigo’s Kidzz at the WELCOME STAGE had a blast performing what they learnt over Spring to a number of season’s latest BOLLYWOOD tracks

And there was an interactive Bollywood segment by Priya for all the moms & dads in the audience too, that neatly rounded off the fun show!

Bollywood dance teacher for children in Cary

Watch a video here of one of the merry little bands of Bollywood cuties at this lovely afternoon show!

Kids Bollywood dance in Cary