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Bollywood Dance in Raleigh Durham , Cary, Morrisville, Indian dance school in Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh, Garner, RTP NC

A place to learn, share, grow and evolve with versatility on authentic Bollywood and related folk and classical Indian dances is now in the Triangle! 

Structured coaching of international repute offering authentic traditional, as well as modern Bollywood Indian dance, plus Bollywood-based group fitness to people of all ages, levels of learning and individual aims is now offered. Whether you are learning for recreational, vocational or fitness reasons, there is an answer to your needs. You can come learn your favorite dance style or join in an exciting workout at a location closest to you, from a faculty from the source of Bollywood itself!

Classes started Summer of 2013 in the RTP through an outreach of town community centers, fitness studios and public schools of the Wake County, where Bollywood Dance & Bolly-based Fitness was introduced by us for the first time.  We are re-defining Bollywood with new dimensions, as a fun interactive hobby and new fitness mantra. Our shows in the region involve people just like you, of diverse races, ages, levels of learning, and for the very first time ever- we have introduced- Bollywood Dancing for senior citizens too ! So don’t be shy, come on over, give it a whirl – and be surprised at YOUR OWN ability!

Dance!….For LIFE:     Not just to dance, but how to stay fit…for LIFE!

This is our motto, and we do this while inculcating in you the discipline needed to do so. We don’t just put our students in pretty costumes for stage! Our mission is to make each of our dance students individually FABULOUS and FIT dancers, who enjoy dance socially, and also shine out in competitive or performance dance. We help students build and maintain a hobby for LIFE, achieve long term fitness, physical, mental and sociological, making for all-round individuals. We enable people of all ages, abilities, nationalities, backgrounds and professions to enjoy these positive pursuits and acquire greater self-confidence. Everyone who walks through our doors is treated with equal respect and appreciation. Creative ideas, concepts, choreographies are taught weekly/monthly by internationally acclaimed dance tutor with beginnings in the city of Bollywood (Bombay, India).

Time-tested Structure:  Nothing can beat Experience!  Dexterity, technique, co-ordination, rhythm, articulation are some elements covered in our structured dance syllabus of more than 20 years,  yet with constant innovation and evolution to keep abreast of changing trends.  Testimonials USA.

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A few things to consider while determining your dance training:

♦ Are you/your child currently getting the training that you/he/she TRULY deserves from your chosen dance class, that will help you/him/her, challenge his potential and rise above the ‘crowd’?

♦ Are you getting the core benefits you seek from your current Bolly-Fitness class, the regularity and discipline you need to stay in super shape?

♦ Is your special event being handled with the creativity and finesse that you need ?  

♦ As a gifted performer with potential, are you getting the platforms you deserve to TRULY and consistently recognize and reward your contributions? 

If your answer to any or all the above is “NO”, it is time you start considering a change. Put yourself and your child in the ranks of international standards and consider the INDIGO difference. At Indigo, we strive to bring you world-class individual training. We strive to make STARS out of every individual who trains with us.The difference lies in the investment of TIME and CARE that we put into every student. Our transparent fee structure, ability to go beyond the ordinary with artfully created content, are just a few of the benefits you reap. These benefits are the result of confidence, backed by years of clearly demonstrable experience. Check out our international coaching testimonies and Press & Media

Services: A range of specialty services to individuals and private groups are also offered. Training & entertainment for weddings, first dances, corporate / sports meets, milestone events, fund-raisers, festivals, graduations, inaugurations and much more. Have a special occasion coming up and you need to add that extra spark of excitement? Need a Bollywood Themed Party Hostess? Need a customized skit for your special day? a first dance? Then give us a call. See  Services or Contact us to find out more.

Quality Tuition : Whatever your aspiration or your goal, you deserve exceptional quality training and at Indigo, no matter your age, ability, gender, race, or background, you will get quality time & attention to develop yourself. Our batches are small and personalized to offer you the best training you could get! We provide both group as well as 1-on-1 training

Bollywood Dance and fitness classes in Cary and Morrisville Raleigh NC; Indian dance school in Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh, Garner, RTP NC

Faculty: Through the medium of cultural dance, principal tutor and founder Priya Chellani has been instrumental in substantially benefitting the creative aspirations of academy members as well as encouraging the growth of artists & fitness professionals over the years internationally, in India (Bombay), Dubai and New Zealand and more recently, Atlanta. See famous students of Indigo

With a background of over 20 years in performance, teaching, choreography, theater, dance research, film & media, a repertoire ranging from traditional & modern Bollywood,  Katthak, Regional Folk, as well as World Styles along with original musical scripting & direction, founder of the academy, Mumbai-born and educated Priya Chellani, comes from the birthplace of Bollywood (India’s film capital city Bombay) where from the early 90′s, she accumulated experience, building upon her natural abilities in performing arts, and training at the noteworthy Kathak school of Guru Gopikrishna. She synergized with peers in India, today prolific Bollywood & media industry stalwarts. From this fountain-head of creativity and talent, winner of two All-India Duet Dance championships in the 90′s, tutoring students in diverse cultures later, helped Priya share her lifelong passion for dance through teaching and refined her rich repertoire as a coach of repute  as well as a versatile performer. See her full bio here.

Moving to western shores in the millennium,  after her coaching span of 15 years in India and the United Arab Emirates, Priya continued training student groups at a multitude of events, learning and integrating with local art forms along with her own forte of Indian dance.

A knowledgeable and experienced tutor,  she is capable of bringing both the creative and the fitness quotient into your dance & workout regime. With her global work experience but deep-rooted hands-on training in India, Priya brings both modern, as well as traditional elements into her and her students’ innovative presentations. From motivating at a macro level, to capturing the imagination of little ones whilst teaching in class, she is capable of bringing out the hidden dancer in even the most novice student.  As a tutor and choreographer, she not only gleans from her rich past experience, but avidly pursues current and futuristic trends in dance and fitness. Read what others have to say U.S Testimonials Visit Dance StylesPhoto Gallery, Press & Media and Testimonials

See a sample video of just one of our many current offerings : “Bollywood Workout for Teens & Adults”

For more glimpses of our talents and other offerings, check out our MEDIA page Click here for info if you are new & contemplating Bollywood Indian Dance or our Fitness Workout for the first time Dance Class FAQ.

Bollywood Dance and fitness classes in Cary and Morrisville NC Raleigh Durham , Cary, Morrisville; Indian dance school in Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh, Garner, RTP NC

Our Performance Team : If you are a qualified performer with suitable experience, a background in dance and a burning passion for the same, you may also get in touch! – Exciting opportunities to perform, travel, teach, have fun and grow in a beautiful art form! Open to ALL ages! Click here if you are already a student or an advanced learner, to know more. Sign up to be on our mailing list for exciting updates to know more about our future engagements! View our past events to see what we did last season! Bollywood dance & fitness MORRISVILLE CARY RALEIGH, GARNER; Indian dance school in Morrisville, Cary, Raleigh, Garner, RTP NC

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