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Greetings from Indigo Dance Evolution Academy!  The Triangle’s Premier Diverse academy for authentic Bollywood Dance, Bollywood Fitness, Folk & Classical Indian dance.

I.D.E.A : We’re about year-round coaching

We offer year-round structured coaching in Traditional and modern Indian Bollywood to children, teens & adults, all levels of learners with varied goals. Whether you are looking for recreational Bollywood Dance training OR a Bollywood Dance Fitness program,  we have an answer to your needs. Entertainment and educative programs are also offered by our experienced dancers. We actively provide multi-cultural platforms to students to showcase their skills , that are both meaningful and representative of Indian dance’s stature in the diverse fabric of American arts.  

Join us in versatile performance. Or burn calories and get fit with our Bollywood Dance workout – all very close to you and at affordable fees-  throughout the year.

Bollywood Dance in Morrisvile, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel HillI.D.E.A : We’re about Diversity & Inclusion

We cater to a multi-cultural audience in the Triangle, students from all walks of life and diverse nationalities. Classes conducted in the Triangle offer proximity and convenience, with outreaches at Town Community Centers of Morrisville, City of Raleigh, Town of Cary and private studios in a friendly, inclusive atmosphere.

Bollywood at NC state Fairgrounds

I.D.E.A : We’re about Excellence 

Endorsed by the area’s top educational & recreational establishments, providing tuition of high calibre is very important to us. Through our regular training, quality workshops and entertainment services, we have been mentioned in international press and media for our unique contributions to promoting Bollywood Dance in international communities. Our legacy goes back over 25 years to the first dance school opened by our Chief Tutor in Mumbai, Year 1990. We proudly continue that superior benchmark in our coaching standards today.

I.D.E.A : We’re about  Quality Bollywood Dance in Morrisvile, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill

Our focus is on ‘QUALITY’ versus quantity. We don’t produce ‘background dancers’ for other stars: but make STARS of our students themselves!
Discerning students come to us for TRUE learning of dance techniques and concepts. We fully allow students to explore the depth of their potential, motivating, inspiring and challenging them to go above and beyond their expectation, to enjoy and fulfill their dance goals.  Fueled by our passion and dedicated teaching methods, we don’t help you ‘fit in’ to local standards, we make you ‘stand out’ with an international one.

Bollywood Dance in Morrisvile, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill

I.D.E.A : We’re about Fitness 

Energetic & fun dance workouts help you meet your cardio goals- and never feel it!  Time flies as the pulse races hard – doing our exhilarating suitably choreographed dance fitness routines! Our students reap heath benefits throughout the year with weekly sessions. For people with or without dance experience, our fitness program is a great fit!

Bollywood Dance in Morrisvile, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill

I.D.E.A : We’re about Innovation

Standing out from the herd is what we do best!
Thanks to a truly artistic visionary at its helm, Indigo was instrumental in bringing many new concepts in the realm of Bollywood to the Raleigh region, since its launch in 2013:

Within the short span of a year, it produced a Top Scoring Adult team : Winner of the Highest Runner-up and Highest in the Bollywood Group sub-category, at the region’s first -ever International Dance Competition at Raleigh International Festival 2014. Read more.  

Indigo brought Bollywood Fitness to prestigious Fortune 500 companies in the RTP, namely the CISCO corporation, Lenovo and NetApp
Read more. 

Indigo introduced Bollywood Dancing in mainstream public schools of North Carolina, both showcasing and conducting workshops in the genre.Read more.

For the first time on the east coast of America, Bollywood Golden Years was introduced for our Senior Citizens Read more.

Indigo was the First-ever Indian Dance academy to bring the Bollywood INTERACTIVE entertainment style to Raleigh and the East Coast!  Read more.

Our organically growing dedicated Youtube video channel is the most internationally subscribed Bollywood dance channel in all of the Carolinas. Read more

I.D.E.A : We’re about experience and knowledge:

Learn to dance in our professional, easy-going environment with an inspiring, fun, motivated, authentic and expert faculty.

With over 25 years’ of international teaching experience under her belt, initiated in the birthplace of Bollywood the founder, a former national level Dance Finalist from India, has acquired a distinctive edge in her teaching and public presentation.

Now in her 3rd decade of teaching, Ms Priya Chellani continues to train diverse audiences in the U.S with an integrated, inclusive approach. Read more here : Tutor’s Bio

Bollywood Dance in Morrisvile, Cary, Raleigh, Apex, Durham, Chapel Hill

Our versatile presentations show the ability to deliver the whole spectrum in choreography: from urban Bollywood to traditional folk and classical, Latin and jazz, with many cross-cultural themes!  Join our series and gain an insight into Bollywood’s ever-evolving kaleidoscope!

Bollywood Dancing- now in Raleigh Durham; Bollywood Indian Dance in Morrisville ;Bollywood dance in Cary; Bolllywood dance in Raleigh; Bollywood dance in Charlotte I.D.E.A : We’re about YOU!

Proven track record of “getting into the student’s shoes” for REAL results in dance. We teach you to DANCE and not just put you in a ‘costume’ on stage. Teaching from “ground up” and in small sized batchesbecause you deserve our full attention! We make learning a whole lot of meaningful fun! – for adults AND children.

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