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Best Bollywood Indian Dance Academy School in Raleigh Durham Morrisville Cary Apex Priya Chellani, Teacher – Performer- Choreographer- Artistic Director

Veteran international dance tutor of 25 years, choreographer, performer, show producer, theatre actor, presenter, & former dance finalist of India, Priya Chellani is the driving force at Indigo.


An award-winning teaching artist, Priya hails from the birthplace city of Bollywood cinema : Bombay, India. Priya conducted a thriving academy of pupils in India’s financial and entertainment capital Mumbai, for a decade and half.  Co-choreographer for a Bollywood movie, and creating prize-winning student entries at reality TV dance shows, building dance champions has long since been her passion and forte. At an early age, Priya chose the path of education for children, youth and families.  Her dance school was affiliated to extra-curricular clubs at top-notch academic schools in Mumbai & Dubai from 1986-2000, while she also had close brushes with Bollywood industry with opportunities to coach upcoming artists. See famous artists who received core training from Priya.

She was among very first pioneer teachers to introduce Fusion Dance as a PE activity in western Bombay’s academic schools, and one of the fore-running industry leaders to recognize and put gifted children in the spotlight at public events in the city, on TV, in theatre and competitions.  Priya’s students often featured in prominent media, including children’s & youth theatre, they featured on satellite TV reality dance shows and also represented their school or college at highly popular festivals of culture and arts competitions. 

Additionally trained in classical Indian dance Katthak under Padmashri Guru Gopikrishna, India, (a maestro choreographer whose school coaches some of the best talent in India) while in the formative years of her career, Priya also avidly pursued Indian folk, jazz, break-dance, aerobics, Patanjali yoga, dance theater, scripting & direction of musicals for youth and children’s theatre and fitness modeling.

Priya was also often invited to preside over local dance competitions as a judge on celebrity panels including co-judges from other famous schools such as Shiamak Davar Institute of Arts.

Her teaching career was sparked off by her capable leadership skills while studying at the University of Mumbai.  Leading the college’s Dance and Drama program, she won several awards for her Team each year representing at major inter-college annual competitions such as Malhar, Mood Indigo etc, all highly popular youth festivals.

She was also a Dance Finalist twice in a row at all-India Fusion Dance Championships where she placed alongside peers such as (now veteran/famous) Bollywood choreographers Farah Khan (Director of blockbuster Bollywood films), Longines Fernandes (choreographer of “SlumDog Millionaire”), Ravi Behl – Naved Jaffry (producers of “Boogie Woogie” India’s longest running TV dance reality show), Ken Ghosh (Bollywood movie director/producer) & DJ Akbar Sami (world-class Bollywood DJ)  with whom she also performed several stage shows.

Priya has had the privilege to also train many upcoming Bollywood stars today in the making:

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Migrating offshore to global destination Dubai, during the next decade, she coached a multitude of cultures, working with international event and educational organizations, for famous brands such as Reebok, SplashGiordano, Esprit, and presented events for government entities such as UAE Chambers of Commerce, Dubai Shopping Festival UAE, UAE Airports Authorities, and the esteemed Royal Family of UAE, along with fashion & food chains such as Americana, KFC and others.

Priya Chellani International Dance Tutor

PRIYA CHELLANI; Bollywood Dance ACADEMY Raleigh, Bollywood Dance Durham


At her next international destination New Zealand, Priya’s local students represented her at shows, workshops , at competitions & cultural demo’s in the theatre, retail, hospitality, fitness & education industries, at cultural establishments within the Indian diaspora as well as in the mainstream.

Priya Chellani International dance tutor



Since making her home in the United States in 2010, Priya certified as a Group Fitness Professional with nationally accredited institutions AAAI-ISMA and AFAA USA, and developed her own Bollywood fitness workout style. In Summer 2013, Priya started Indigo Dance Evolution in the Triangle area, offering regular coaching round the year in both dance and dance fitness to Bollywood and Indian culture lovers, with outreaches at the City of Raleigh, Town of Morrisville, Town of Cary as well as weekly training at corporate employee fitness programs, (Cisco, Lenovo, NetApp etc). Since then, she has led over 100 showcases in the Triangle area alone for a wide client base: in hospitality, retail, public recreation, health & education.

Best Bollywood Indian Dance Academy School Classes Teacher Morrisville Raleigh Durham Cary Apex

Priya brings a rich knowledge base of 25 years in the Indian arts industry to North Carolina. Trained in a gamut of styles and a lifetime experience of 30,000 hours teaching, creating and performing, her versatile & vast experience is unique to the realm of Bollywood Dance in the Triangle. She specializes in providing core dance training to everyday people from all walks of life, helping them achieve their goals, whether it be winning competitions, refining their performance skills, contributing their talent to charitable or multicultural community causes, or just surprising their friends and family at social events. With her no-judgement outlook, learners from all levels and diverse nationalities feel comfortable with her,  inspired with her teaching style and her devotion to dance as a way to holistic fitness. Her methodology which she constantly develops, helps her to satisfactorily meet the needs of eclectic, diverse students. Follow her prolific Youtube Channel with nearly 1000 organically growing global subscribers & nearly 400 student dance videos from just North Carolina!


Recent Awards:

In local area Triangle of North Carolina, Priya has been nominated & won twice the Top 20 Dance Teachers Award, once in 2016 and then 2018. Read about it above.

Best Bollywood Teacher Cary North Carolina- Morrisville Raleigh

Best Bollywood Indian Dance Academy School Classes Teacher Morrisville Raleigh Durham Cary Apex

                                            Some “firsts” in Raleigh-Durham:

Priya’s efforts in popularizing the Bollywood genre to a diverse American society, actively imparting to local communities, academic institutes, corporate and public recreation centers, promoting her students, has seen a growing awareness of Bollywood Dance in the region.

gifted actor, Priya also dabbles in theatre and on-screen during her spare time from dance.

She has appeared in powerful protagonist theatre roles overseas as well as in comic cameos.

As Chief Tutor she mentors & personally coaches or supervises every class round the year, sharing her knowledge of the cultural evolution of Indian Dance.  With her experience, she is capable of bringing both the creative and the fitness quotient into students’ dance & workout regime. From motivating at a macro level, to helping each newbie student, she brings out the hidden dancer in you. As a choreographer, she not only gleans from her rich past but also avidly pursues future trends in dance and fitness.

See: U.S &  International Testimonials

Priya has to her credit a number of testimonials from happy students and clients globally. Read more above.

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Lauded by local & international press, Priya has been written about in local media, wherever she professed.


  • Certified in Aerobics Personal Fitness Training , from AAAI-ISMA, U.S.A, and Certified in Group Fitness, AFAA, U.S.A
  • CPR, First Aid and AED certified
  • Certified in Katthak Classical and Folk Dance, Nateshwar Institute Guru Gopikrishna Bombay, India.
  • Certified teacher of Yoga to Young Adults from The Yoga Institute, Bombay India.
  • Multi-lingual, Native fluent speaker of Hindi and other Indian dialects, fluent in English
  • HIPAA – trained in health/fitness industry principles.

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