Bollywood Dance for Children, Morrisville

Bollywood Dance for Children, Morrisville

AGES 4 -7 years, For boys and girls.

Town-of-Morrisville_Pine-Cone-Blue (1)Offered through Town of Morrisville Parks & Recreation 



BOLLY-BABES Ages 4- 7 years :

Day /Time : THURSDAY 6.15 – 7.00 P.M

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Get in early and watch them quickly blossom!  Our Bollywood class for younger kids offers a fun, safe, relaxed introduction to Indian dance, so begin by giving your kids a solid foundation in versatile Bollywood today! Children learn by imagination, creativity and encouragement, and this class has tons to offer in that respect! Over 20 years of international teaching experience has given our tutor a refined edge in helping them learn even complex dance steps with ease! Our children demonstrate rapid success each semester. Opportunities are offered in addition, to optionally perform at upscale multicultural public events. Locally, they receive heaps of compliments & certificates! And online, their videos are viewed by thousands of global followers!

Watch videos of our children dancing in this Playlist below. Your children become part of our rapidly & organically growing, online  global Youtube dance community by default, when they join our school. Enjoy audience viewership of over 1,200 regular subscribers worldwide for your children’s talents!  We are the most followed Bollywood academy dance video channel in the Carolinas.

See your kids on YouTube

See Full Video Playlist with over 40 dances especially created for/performed by Little Kids!

Session Dates for 2019

Jan 17 – April  18     [15  weeks]  Includes Optional Performances, April 20 International Children’s Day, Cary Sertoma Theatre, and Cary Fest in the West . *This series is now CONCLUDED. Registrations are on now for our forthcoming term, Apr-Jul. See below for info. 

Apr 25 – July 11  [12 weeks] Includes Optional Performances:  Cary Fest in the West, Raleigh Summer Intercultural Festival ; other bonus exciting multicultural events TBA. Email us to register. 

July 18 – Oct 24    [15 weeks] Includes Optional Performances Future Stars Dance Matinee, Raleigh International Festival, AND other bonus exciting multicultural events TBA.

Oct 31 – Dec 12 [6 weeks] Includes Halloween celebration and Holiday Party with kids’ performance for parents & invited guests, AND other bonus exciting multicultural events TBA.
*NO class Thanksgiving Thursday


Term Fee:  Approx. $125 for any Series between Jan and October.  

Nov-Dec. series is Half Price.

*There may be a Registration Fee as nominal extra. Registration fee varies each term. It may cover any Event participation costs,  as well as Administrative costs. Does not cover Costume. Please Check with us for accurate pricing at the time of signup

Bollywood dance class for ChildrenFor all our Morrisville classes

Discounted Long-term learning options available when you combine any consecutive terms.

Midway intakes may be allowed. There would be a minimum of 12 weekly classes’ enrollment. Fee pro-rating & admission time is at the discretion of the administration.

There are limited spaces available in each of our classes. For each student’s individual optimal learning, we put a cap on the number of students per teacher. Register ahead of time to secure your spot in the series of your choice. If the regular class gets full, we will put you on a waitlist. If waitlist grows an alternate class may be added on an alternate evening or weekend.

Trial class is available. Please Check details on this in How To Register


First-time students and Trial Class visitors, please arrive at least 15 minutes before class if registering in person,  and/or to get all your queries answered. Please bring appropriate fee in acceptable mode (cash if Trial) Class starts sharp on time.

We accept Series Fees via Cash, Checks, Zelle or Venmo Pay only at Morrisville. No debit/credit cards. If cash, please render exact change.

Discounts may be offered seasonally on Family Signups, ‘Early Bird’ and Gift Cards may be given for referral signups. Contact us ahead to know more.

Some public holidays are accounted for in your series. Please check your schedule at signup time. All classes are otherwise taken consecutively.

Planned absences during series communicated to us at Registration, can be made up.

NO extra surcharges for non-residents of Town of Morrisville – All are welcome at the same fee.

Special Event Performances:

See your kids on stage!

June 8-  Raleigh Downtown International Food Festival

+ other bonus multicultural events coming up

Our student performances are 100% optional. Please Check with Instructor upon enrolling to let them know you are interested in special events. To see the types of showcase platforms we offer, go to our past Events or to our Facebook Events page.

Bollywood dance classes for children , kids

Costume costs for performances are separate when participating in events. Save with your own keepsake costumes: re-usable, practical, no need to pay rentals at repeat performances! Our keepsake costume cost for kids is an economical and great value. 

Interested in finding out more about this class? Click HERE to get in touch!

To Register Or Pay or any of our Morrisville classes, please go directly to our Academy Registration page

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