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Ages 13 yr & up



Instructor : Priya Chellani

Exceptional Value for Money at this TWO-in-ONE combined class. Learn snazzy steps on the trendiest Bollywood songs each season AND get a great workout!

Always wanted to do Bollywood dance but never had a chance ? Have a wedding or Bollywood party coming up and don’t know what to do on the dance floor? Want to give it a spin before signing up to long term learning?  Like dancing and want to include it in your daily life for more exercise? Would like to take your newbie experience to the next level, or to a performance?

Whatever your reason, get a great intro to our fun energetic dance style through this series! In just few weeks, you will learn not just more than basic moves, but complete patterns on a variety of songs, that will get you to the dance floor (or a stage) with more self-confidence & ease.  The dual advantage is the great exercise you get with each routine – while expressing yourself with great dance moves! Get your cardio up and those endorphins flowing with just ONE hour of our energetic Bollywood style! Excellent for boosting stamina, flexibility and general well-being.

These routines set to catchy uptempo Bollywood music are created with expert choreography that blends a creative fusion of movements from energetic Indian classical and folk dances to hip hop, jazz, Latin & Middle eastern! Red hot Bollywood music with the coolest dance steps- a vivacious coach and classmates who share your hobby – perfect for students of all levels of experience with or without dance background!  What can be even better? : Participate in our seasonal multi-cultural events where you get to inspire and motivate others to share the joy on stage! See our Recent Events OR go to our Facebook Page Events tab.

*Each class features routines both fast & mellow pace. Choreography is simple and challenging in equal parts. Instructor breaks down more complex moves before you begin.  Instructor certified in Group Training Fitness from AFAA and AAAI-ISMA, USA + Yoga Institute & Gopikrishna Katthak Institute of Classical Dance, Mumbai India + 25 years’ experience teaching internationally & locally.

*Event Participation is 100% optional. Not included in fee. Our students participate in both interactive & showcase types of entertainment at multi-cultural festivals each season, which may involve separate costumes, or extra services as organized, payable directly to instructor. Please check with the instructor of any upcoming events, and clothing as applicable. Our Event Page shows all the types of optional events that our students participate in. You may also see Events on our Facebook page. Let the instructor know if you are interested in any of these.

Read more on the Bollywood Dance genre here. Watch our videos below for various occasions and see some student results on the Carolinas’ largest followed global Bollywood Student Dance channel:

Watch a video below to see our dance members’ latest engagement



      • Accelerated learning with small sized classes.
      • Signature steps & versatile, creative patterns on a diverse variety of songs & styles.
      • Understand lyrical context; express with energy &  facial eloquence.
      • Improve on presentation skills with more grace, flow and rhythm.
      • Develop better coordination & musicality.
      • Unlock technicality of new dance steps; improve on familiar ones.
      • Show off your skills at the next Indian party or on stage- surprise friends & family with your new interest! 
      • Get more agility, mental focus & emotional wellbeing 
      • Become a contributor to our global, daily-growing Student Dance Video Channel on Youtube!
      • Get moving & Inspire others, get up on stage and enjoy your special dance moments! See the kind of events we get involved in: Academy Events 


      Upcoming Session of 2018:

      July 15 – Aug 19 (6 weeks)* 

      Session Frequency:

      Once a week, One hour

      DAY & TIME : 

      SUNDAY 2.00-3.00 p.m 

    • *Optional FITNESS -INTERACTIVE public participation onstage! Have fun,  Inspire & motivate others in the audience! Get involved, Check out our Events Calendar:…g/IndigoDanceAcademy/events

    • *Following session start date : August 26


      BALANCE MARTIAL ARTS  STUDIO, 1408 VILLAGE MARKET PLACE, MORRISVILLE, NC 27560.      [Inside Target Plaza, Next to Hibachi and Opp Buffalo Wings] Click the link above or picture to map directions

FEE:  Only $72 for 6 weeks Term

*Series fee are accepted in three modes : Cash, Cash/Check or Zelle Pay.

Trial class/Drop-in available, Fee $15*

*Payable in Cash in person, or in advance via Zelle Pay. Check class availability at least 48 hours in advance

*We do NOT accept Credit/Debit cards at our Morrisvile locations.

ALL FEES AND FORMS MUST BE CLEARED BEFORE THE START OF ANY CLASS. First-time students and Trial Class visitors, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to register. Please bring appropriate fee in acceptable mode and ONE form of ID to show to instructor upon arrival. Please remember class starts ON TIME!

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Priya is passionate about dance, and bringing health and happiness factor into people’s lives. Dance has been her companion for almost 30 years and she helps people find and follow this same passion in life! Classical and Indian Bollywood & folk dance performer-dance finalist-veteran choreographer from Mumbai who has coached groups in three continents for last 20+ years, she brings fun, new dance routines based on many different Indian/blended/western styles that invigorate and at times, challenge you to push your limits. Not only will you feel and look fitter & younger, you’ll end up more confident on the dance floor with better co-ordination, confidence and rhythm. Discover and Enjoy life.. with dance.  Come to one of her fabulous Bollywood classes this week!

– Wake County Lifelong Learning, NC 



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