Bolly-Kids@Cary Lazy Daze show!

Bollywood dance Indigo Academy

It gives us a thrill to see our students growing fast not only in talent, but also in confidence! Performing outside the comfort zone of their parents & neighborhood friends gives my babies a REAL confidence booster! They are equally at ease in multi-cultural places as within their own culture – and that’s the REAL trick in introducing kids to the extended world around them and how to integrate- we are not just teaching dance but creating global citizens.. of the 21st century! 😀

With several routines on stage the Stanley Martin Mainstage at the amazing Lazy Daze Festival downtown Cary, all 16 of our babes rocked the crowd with the latest music & steps from Bollywood, and of course gorgeous costumes to boot! Catch their videos on our pumping Youtube channel or online our Facebook page.

Town of Cary Festival coordnator Ryan O’Quinn happily presented colorful shiny medals to all the kids at the end, and the show just didn’t end there- there were more treats galore- an Interactive Fitness demo by Priya and her class members– where the stage got full quickly!

More pics & videos on our Facebook page.….

Bollywood dance medals Indigo Academy
Medals were given to all our budding dancers by Town of Cary!

Taking them through their paces in technical rehersal