Why Bollywood Dance and Indigo?

Why Bollywood Dance with Indigo?

The 21st century world is a fast shrinking place. Think GLOBAL: Help your child and yourself learn about the cultures and languages around and across the globe.

















Aim GLOBAL ! with our Specialized Service in Bollywood Dance & related arts

  • We invest TIME and CARE into every student. We keep our classes small and personalized, meaning : more quality time per student.
  • Dance students learn energetic and brand new segments in relatively short periods of time . We do this with our expert, focussed, time-tested, well-structured, dedicated coaching.
  • We aim for global standards of the dance form with fresh content, fresh ideas and emphasis on correct narrative expression. Precise technical breakdown and execution of steps is our way to lead dance students to fully explore their potential. Students can confidently perform in any setting, and shine not just locally but globally!
  • Our fitness workout is comparable to the best Bollywood workout globally : Not only are Adults fueled with energy, they go away with techniques to execute stylish moves too!
  • Innovative concepts in dance coupled with fresh choreography, the latest dance steps that are enjoyable/meaningful… we help you convey the flavour of each piece aptly!
  • We stay in close touch with our students’ needs, and endeavor to raise the standard & awareness of the dance form offering year-round training, mentorship, performance opportunities.
  • We don’t teach you the ‘easy’ stuff  so you can “fit in” – instead we challenge, stimulate, motivate and inspire you to STAND OUT, rise higher, get more self-satisfaction out of your endeavors! All in a friendly, non-judgmental environment.
  • We come to YOU : by offering a variety of locations to suit, and steady terms throughout the year, we make it easy for you to keep your dance or workout consistent, with weekly commitment. We offer group classes in Cary, Morrisville, Raleigh; and also private coaching at your home or gym. See our Schedule 
  • Our fees in comparison to the immense value of exceptional quality training, are highly Affordable and easy-to-pay at all centers.
  • We offer a variety of styles within the Bollywood spectrum – from urban hiphop to traditional, retro, folk and classical Kathak, a versatile range to help you find your strong points ..and some favorites.
  • With our 3 decades of experience, we can offer Advanced training to dancers for competitions, and preparing for an arts/entertainment/teaching/fitness career.
  • Easy enrolling structure at all our locations – online, and in-person
  • No hidden surprises or unfair contracts for students. Transparency in our dealing.
  • We offer our students Quarterly public performances at multi-cultural venues to increase achievement levels on a diverse backdrop. We prepare you not only for RTP, but America!
  • We provide performance costumes that are superior quality, detailed, AND affordable!
  • The benefit of many years’ teaching experience –  Because we KNOW what it is to TEACH through sheer hands-on work and hundreds of students globally & satisfactorily coached by the pioneering faculty!  Read Reviews from our Local & International students here:  Testimonials US,  Testimonials New Zealand, Testimonials Dubai. Testimonials India
  • Read Our Mission




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