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Our fees start as low as $36 for 6 weeks!*

Our mutually supportive association with town community centers helps individuals & artists in the community grow with expert coaching and yet with affordable fees. By holding classes at such locations, the academy passes on big savings to you, the student, in the form of reduced fees. Affordable fees + topnotch training = Best Value

Interested in any class you see?

Simply follow the links there to find out about Fees or how to Register. OR : Send in your query through the Contact Us page to enquire.

Before you call

    • Check individual locations pages to see if the available pricing options for your age group, and steps to register at that location, are listed.
    • Our Morrisville class offers entire semesters for the year with discounted fees and bulk savings. Contact Us to know more.
    • Presently, our Raleigh & Cary classes offer shorter fixed- terms of 6 weeks only.
    • Drop-In & Pay facilities OR Trial lessons are available only at Morrisville locations. 
    • Term Registration Fees are applicable at our Morrisville locations. This covers records & administration and also entitle you to at least OneFREE Performer Pass at a ticketed event we participate in, OR a FREE end -of year Celebration.
    • Sibling/Family Discount is offered to Families with more than one member enrolling in a series together at select locations.
    • There may be applicable Town Surcharges at some locations for non-residents of those towns- please check your individual chosen location.
    • Costume or Performance Fees if any, are separate at every location. Performances at events are not mandatory. If you wish to avail of the opportunities though, any applicable fees are due at the time of registering for events. Our students participate in upscale multicultural events that offer a wider audiences to their skills. Based on availability, we supply both new and rental Costumes that are attractive, sturdy, re-usable and affordable. Check with us at your first lesson.
    • Referral Bonuses are now given at Morrisville location! Get 1 gift card for every friend who signs up a series with your reference. Cards may be used towards your future lesson only at select locations towards Training Fee. Cards cannot be clubbed with other discounts or considerations and cannot be used towards registration, costume or performance fees.Gift Card of $10
    • For Fees of Workshops and Special Events: Contact us to know more about your customized fee.
    • If you want to take Private Coaching, Contact us to know about your customized fee.
    • All our Group classes are generally ONE hour duration, ONCE a week.
    • We do not offer fee refunds for absences or makeup classes, however there may be opportunities through extra rehearsals during event preparations for make up class. We also provide video of our routines to help you practise at home.
    • All series fees are based on consecutive weekly attendance only.
    • Go now to Individual locations to learn more on each specific location’s fees, terms & registration process.