Indigo’s Mission

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“Dance…For LIFE !”

Achieving good health requires discipline and great habits. And Dance is a great way of aligning your goals – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually – to achieve that.

Train your body round the year – Feel the benefits life-long!  Our year-round activity allows students to not just enjoy a hobby but gain an education – for LIFE!








Our Mission: 

To bring joy and good health to our students, patrons and extended communities through the medium of dance. Whether it be dancing socially, or preparing for a performance, or recreation and exercise, our goal is to contribute to a culture of health, fitness and social well-being in our communities. 

We endevor to do this: 

    • in a respectful culture of learning,  in our classes attended by diverse nationalities. We offer coaching to different levels of learners with varied goals.
    • by imparting Tuition at an appropriate level of students’ learning. and motivating them to lift the benchmarks continually.
    • by offering a spectrum of dance styles: Students learn about both modern and traditional India, they learn about their roots or about a foreign culture – and expand their minds. 
    • by encouraging Dance as a REGULAR activity for fitness and the joy of expression.; helping students develop into well-rounded individuals, motivated, passionate, disciplined, and fit citizens of the global era!










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