Hot Dragon Bollywood Blast! Indigo@Asian-American Dragon Boat Festival 2018

Bollywood Dance Teacher Cary Raleigh Morrisville
Amazing time at the Annual Dragon Boat Festival from the Asian-American community. Click to see video.

A Glimpse of India within Asia @ Dragon Boat Festival Cary NC

Indigo summer-fall students with their coach Priya presented a Bollywood teaser show as well as an electric B- Interactive that both surprised and delighted audiences, at the recent Asian American Dragon Boat Festival. The location was the Kokabooth Amphitheatre in Regency Park, Apex NC.

Check out more fun photos below!

Click on the picture at the end of the page to see the video of the B-Interactive fun all enjoyed!

We represented Bollywood Dance at this grand Annual Asian Festival. The best fun was when everyone came aboard to shake…

Posted by Indigo Dance Evolution Academy on Sunday, September 23, 2018

Click on the pic to see the Video!

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Indigo displayed Bollywood as a guest entry in this largely Asian Festival that brought the best talents of the resident Asian community to the fore – From China, Vietnam, Korea & other nations. There was a lot of pomp and pageantry on display by artists of all ages!