Cumberland Dance Academy Bollywood Workshop

Friday Aug 18: It was such a pleasure, honor and privilege for Priya to teach some urban Bollywood to one of the MOST talented & BEST competitive dance teams of North Carolina!











Not only did they have immense talent, but all students and their teacher Ms.Tara Herringdine had an amazing vibe, a positive & beautiful attitude and energy flowing into their work, that clearly matched their incredible passion for dance. From the youngest to the oldest this team of advanced learners had what it takes- and for us, it was a delight to see the way they took to Bollywood : like a fish to water! Loved teaching them and they equally enjoyed the workshop.

*Above all what struck us most was their humility- they had mutual respect for each other and for artists in dance in general, and also great love for their teacher. This team will go very far:)!👌👍👍😊