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Our academy is NOT about performances is about learning to ENJOY dance and EXPRESSING the innate nature of the human spirit as we create and share our joy with our communities.

Performances however, are part and parcel of our holistic training as these instill confidence and provide feedback to learners, giving them a chance to share their passion with others.  

All students are given opportunities to give live presentations time to time , these may be from an amateur, semi-professional or professional standpoint. Throughout the year, the academy is involved with a variety of diverse events that offer scope for those wishing to demonstrate their acquired skills to a live audience at their ability and to a wide diverse multi-cultural audience. These events cover the gamut from promotional to paid events.

Most members can look to becoming part of amateur displays by default. Through performances, students grow in social and artistic strength, they study in a way that suits their needs.

Our platforms offered range from festivals, conventions, weddings, anniversaries, inaugurations, fund-raisers, school to local community functions. Certificates are given to all volunteers.

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Benefits of Future Occupations:

Successful performance team members can look towards  a fulfilling and rewarding part or full time career where they could go on to become performing artists, media artists, directors of recreational facilities, gyms or professionals in other related creative industries such as journalism, all avenues where their acquired skills become transferable. Dance education could apply to all accessible and relevant arts and technological sectors. An education in dance enriches the person as well as the art(s). 


When performance team members are enlisted directly, they go through an interview process. If you are interested in joining one of our performance teams, please email with a brief bio of your relevant dance experience and a recent picture

Whether you are a student or professional performer, our Teams have a blast traveling to different places, performing, learning,  researching and innovating with dance, often along with supporters, friends, family!

Sharing and mingling - Bollywood is cross-cultural
Indigo students are encouraged as artists in a cross-cultural community.











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