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Our tee-shirts are colorful and unique!

Get your fabulous Indigo tee-shirts this summer and start getting those admiring and intrigued looks right away! A Tee that not only makes you a ‘T-eam’ member but also ‘T-rendy’!

High quality : 50-50 fully shrink-proof cotton blend, on a deep Indigo base to keep you looking… and feeling cool !

Indigo Tee-front IndigoTee-back





All sizes available: For Adults and Kids                   XS – XXL and YS – YL.  You’ll feel proud to sport them and show them off!

Wear them to your class or to a movie… it’s an ‘everywhere’ wear!

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Seasonal polar fleece hoodies

Banner bearers at parade







We also provide super-comfy embellished academy hoodies. Great for getting out there in the cold after your workout and keeps you  super-cozy. Extra-large pockets for your phone/gloves/assorted knickknacks! Check them out this winter!

 Waist- hip scarves!

All color hip scarves

Bored of the same old tights and tanks at your dance workout?

Shimmy things up a bit! Add a little jingle to your jiggle, with hip scarves!  Colorful, they add just the right notes to your sashays and shimmies!

So much fun, you’ll wonder why you didn’t own one before!

Indigo's fun Bollywood classes

Check with us also on super-comfortable dance workout pants when you come to one of our classes!bellypants

Diversity in Dance







Be it clothing, dance jewelry or hairstyles, we provide consultation and undertake orders for ideas beyond the ordinary*. Give us a call to discuss your specific need. Make your Bollywood experience glamorous, fun and… easy!

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