Bollywood Interactive ASHA RTP Holi – Morrisville Comm. Park

Holi with Bollywood Dance!

Holi is the Indian Festival of colours where old and young, rich or poor, come together to celebrate, enjoy, sing dance and feel as one, with the unified splashing…of colors! Colors that make you feel as one!

On this super-fun, colorful and energetic musical day, 400 people gathered at the Morrisville Community Park on Sunday afternoon March 26 and got together to revel in the colors and the music & dance that mark this celebration.

The reveling crowds all joined in as Priya & the merry band of students from the Indigo Academy busted some snazzy moves in the season’s trending upbeat Bollywood chartbusters. Matching their groove was DJ Ronak belting out more Bollywood charts that they danced the afternoon away! Showing off their swagger and leading the crowds as they danced, drenched with color, to both choreographed and impromptu routines, Priya & her team were there to support ASHA’s noble cause of education to under- privileged children of India’s rural areas.

Holi with Bollywood Dance!











THANK YOU to the DANCERS from INDIGO who supported the leading of many fun dances today! Shout out to Priyanka, Nasia, Satya and Sri for turning up & supporting the cause!