Bollywood Dance for teenagersBOLLY-TWEENS DANCE, TWEEN AGES 8- 12 Yrs, For BOYS and GIRLS


At Morrisville

Town-of-Morrisville_Pine-Cone-Blue (1)Offered through Town of Morrisville Parks & Recreation 




Day /Time :

Once a week, One hour

THURSDAYS 7.00-8.00 P.M

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See your kids in performances!

Click here to see offered multicultural performance opportunities at a glance

Follow individual links below to know of each Special Event Performance coming up:

Raleigh Downtown Summer-Food Festival Sat. Aug 8

Cary Fest in the West- Sat. Nov.7

For more info on the kind of events we engage in, follow the links above, go to Recent events or to our Facebook Events page*

*Our student performances are 100% optional. Please check with the Instructor upon enrolling to let them know you of your interest in any special events.

See your kids on YouTube

Watch videos of our children below. Your children become part of our rapidly & organically growing, global Youtube dance community when they join our school.  We are the most followed Bollywood academy dance channel in the Carolinas.

See full playlists with over 50 videos featuring our awesome local kids!

Registrations are NOW OPEN for our 2020  Series. Session Dates :

Bollywood dance for Teenagers

Jan 02- Mar 04 [10 weeks] Concludes with a dynamic performance by performing participants at the mega-3 Day Festival – 34th Raleigh International Festival – 3 days|30,000 visitors| 50+ cultures|3 international stages. Dance with the best of the BEST artistic cultural dancers in the Triangle! This Session has CONCLUDED. Please register for our NEXT series below.

Now offering reduced fees! Save up with our Virtual Lessons

Mar 12- June 6  [13 weeks] THIS SERIES IS ONLINE and concluding soon. Please contact us for our NEXT series JUNE 11- AUG 8 

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JUNE 11- AUG 8. : JOIN US ONLINE for a series of learning Awesome dance routines, even as you build your dance skills with imaginative pieces of YOUR OWN! 

While we are still practicing safety measures staying at home, our kids continue to use this time well to learn with the usual dedicated coaching. They are enjoying this time learning & developing new dance skills – all while remaining connected with their friends ONLINE!

As our state gradually re-opens, we will start revisiting plans for their performances at multicultural events. Once the state fully re-opens, children may be able to sign up for any re- scheduled events that may be held this year, such as Cary Fest in the West and Raleigh Downtown Food Festival .  *There may be public health mandates to be observed still during the course of such events as and when allowed

Please contact us: to know more about our ONLINE CLASSES. 

Bollywood Dance for Kids WHEN are in-person classes re-starting at Morrisville?

We are as anxious as you to provide the best training and facilities to your child. However our student’s safety, health & well-being remain our utmost priority.  All prevailing conditions being met, you can rest assured we will announce the re-opening of the classes as soon as the mandate is passed by the State for our Parks and Recreations Centers – the venues of our Morrisville classes for kids.

Bollywood Dance for Children

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