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Come try out Bollyrobics! A group Bollywood Dance Fitness session, an energetic & exhilarating workout, based on signature Bollywood dance moves done to catchy uptempo Bollywood music!

Fun for all, easy to follow, great for dance lovers of any ability! With sets of movements based on a wide variety of international styles blended with dances of India, this is a follow-along class coupled with instructional break-downs for the newbies or the more advanced dance steps. It is designed to give you a great cardio boost with overall toning and also instruct you on snazzy dance moves. Time will fly as the pulse races hard – in this dual-purpose class!

NEW routines every season will keep you engaged – with never a dull moment! Make your 8,000+ steps in each class with this HIIT class where movements range from low to high impact, active and rest periods. The uptempo Bollywood music will have you rocking, shimmying and sashaying, and not even feel the effort!

If you’re looking to liven up your fitness regimen, try this workout on a series of songs with specialized choreography that says a story, expresses the lyrics and uplifts your mood. Great to get AND stay fit.  If you love dance and enjoy learning stylish moves to take to the dance floor, then THIS is surely the class for you! 

 Results :

  • Great cardio
  • Better flexibility
  • Fluidity
  • Gradual increase in stamina
  • Better posture
  • Stronger core & leg muscles
  • Better physical coordination
  • Increased memory & focus
  • Stress-buster- forget your worries as you dance away to let the endorphins flow
  • Trendy dance moves!-  see the compliments flow your way!
  • Social outlet- new friends in class who share your love of dance-fitness
  • Uptempo & groovy chartbusters from the latest Bollywood films!

Please bring along a drink bottle.  Open to both genders and people of all dance abilities. Offered at corporate locations and to general public at Cary and Raleigh locations.

Check out our video channel for a sample of our BollyRobics Dance-Fitness videos!


Tutor Priya Chellani certified with nationally accredited Group Fitness Certification from AAAI-ISMA U.S.A,  and AFAA U.S.A.

BollyRobics Fitness is currently being offered at these locations to the general public:


BOLLYWOOD DANCE AT MORRISVILLE AND CARY NC;Bollywood Dance & Workout in Cary NC RALEIGH durham morrisville garner; indian dance in Cary NC RALEIGH durham morrisville garner

Brier Creek Community Center, City of Raleigh 

Herb C Young Community Center, Town of Cary 

and at


Please click on links above to go to the location you desire.

What participants say about our dance workout :

Priya’s class is an awesome workout!”- Shrikant and Priya, Raleigh 

Loved the class- great workout – SUPERB & stylish dance moves!” – Gomz, Karishma & friends, Cary, NC

We’ve yet to see a more colorful, rich and engaging show than this at our museum! Thank you for inspiring families to stay fit together with this awesome display for all ages!”- Marbles Kids Museum Staff, Raleigh NC

If you haven’t signed up, do yourself a favor and do so!”Caroline, Raleigh NC

Very enjoyable- I’m going to tell all my friends about it! –Bonnie, Raleigh NC

Such a fun workout – it makes me refresh my dance abilities too!” – Catherine, Morrisville, NC

I signed up thinking this was some random workout but what a pleasant surprise was in store for me – I’d like to try more of your choreography class too! – Christine, Raleigh NC

I give it an A +++!  ” – Ms Burton, visitor, Morrisville NC

You put a smile on my daughter’s face- God bless you” – Ms.Angela Walthour, Raleigh, NC

I think you will take Bollywood up a few notches in our towns- you definitely have the ZEAL for it! ” – Cookie J and Yash M, Cary Bolly-Combo class

I hate it when I miss class! I have really been enjoying it and although I felt I lacked co-ordination, I feel within myself a change now thanks to your coaching. “Jennifer M, Cary Bolly-Combo class

Zumba never did for me as much as your class. I feel the variety of dance-based move, plus your taking pains to break them down, really makes it interesting and engaging ! I used to do belly dance before- you have sparked my interest in other forms of dance~” Cathy, BollyRobics, Cary.

You have made a great impact on our daily lives. Your class is not just great for my two little girls, but also for me and my husband- it has brought out our family’s entire creativity as we get involved in different ways . We are so glad for your presence and the difference  you make with your efforts”  – Dr. Savitha Velluvil, Atlanta, member  Greater Atlanta Vedic Temple class, Atlanta USA, 2009-10 

Thanks for joining us and warming the crowd with your special zing at our Walkathon at Morrisville (NC)-everyone really  enjoyed it”-  SAS Helping Hearts walk organizers & participants, June 2013

Priya’ s demo was full of energy, freedom, fun.  Loved it and want more!  – Members of Cary Family YMCA, (NC) May 2013

Priya is good as a gym instructor with a Bollywood twist” – Workshop, Atlanta Summer Camp for teens & tweens, May 2010.

Great choreography! Not just your ‘everyday’ boring workout- I ended up with so many dance moves I even repeated them at a party- and got  so many compliments!” – Jay Kumar- Bombay Lounge, Atlanta, 2009. 

Priya is a very talented dance instructor with a very broad knowledge of different dance styles. She also organizes teams with some of her students. Very motivating instructor!” – Bharat Bhatia, Organisor, International Multicultural Group, Atlanta 2009.

You are very talented with your fitness dance moves”-  Aartifitness LLC U.S.A., Atlanta 2008

From the first core class to the point where we had our first public demo, and beyond, you have inspired and motivated us to be better and stronger dancers” –B.J Barrett, Student, Atlanta, Norcross Community, Member IFMG and member- Raqs Atlanta Bellydance. 

Priya, thank you for coming out to the Vibha 5K Dream Mile and giving the participants a taste of your Bollywood workout routine”- Vibha Charity Foundation, Atlanta GA, 2008.

Fantastic teacher – highly recommended” – Rutherford Adult Community College, Auckland New Zealand, 2008.

Hi Priya, Thank you for your time. The children thoroughly enjoyed your sessions” – Renee Purcell, Co-ordinator, YMCA Children’s Summer Camp Mt Albert, Auckland, NZ,  2008.

Thoroughly enjoyed your class – will miss you in Term 2!” “You are a motivating teacher – Freyberg Community Education students, New Zealand- 2008.

The way everyone had so much fun shows what a fantastic inspirational teacher you are. Loved it!” – Rosie Adams, Rutherford Community College, New Zealand 2008

Fabulous atmosphere, lots of fun & lots of great moves & fabulous dance results!” – Kate Kelly & class, New Zealand

Very enjoyable, great class!” –Christine Frost & Amanda Han, New Zealand 

You are an awesome teacher!Loved it!!! ” -Lyrae Mcsweeny, New Zealand

Thanks so much for a great class”- Kathryn Pine, New Zealand

Thanks so much for the classes- I really enjoyed them ” – Shamima Sahib, New Zealand

Very good teacher-would love to be in your class again. Very patient teacher and a great human. Keep it up!” Shamila Zaidi –  Education centers & Workshops & women’s lessons, Rutherford Community Education, Auckland, New Zealand.

Priya thanks for your fitness dance at Configure Exrpress- the women loved it”-  Manager, Configure Xpress, New Zealand.

We thank Priya for her sincere efforts in motivating our club members /audiences with her own style of fitness. With a creative combination of dance, aerobics & yoga, she has devised a functional and modern approach to health & fitness – we are very happy with her services rendered to our families”. From recreation centers such as Bandra Gymkhana, Willingdon Gymkhana and others in Bombay, India – Years 1990- 2000.

Thank you so much for making me work out the way you did! -by pushing us a little more every time you made us do any exercises. It is because of the way I trained with you all those years that I am very flexible today which helps me be versatile with any form of dancing” – Life Student Janki Desai , Bombay, India.


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