Smithsonian Institute exhibit @City of Raleigh Musuem: Influence of Gujarat on Bollywood


Thank you for everyone who showed interest or attended this event! We were completely SOLD OUT for the February 11th. Please join us for our March 11th or April 8th class!

At the Smithsonian exhibit touring the nation and now showing at the City of Raleigh Museum, “Beyond Bollywood exhibit” :The Indigo Dance Evolution Academy took the audience to Bollywood and Beyond!  With the focus of the first of the dance workshops being on festivals & folk dances from Gujarat India.  A fun time was had by all as the audience learnt about the many festivals, dances, music & clothing that have deeply influenced Bollywood cinema.       Along with some introductory Bollywood smash hits based on Gujarat folk, songs from movies Ramleela, and Kai Po Chhe, etc, students of the academy as well as performers along with Priya demonstrated the typical regional flavours too, with dances such as the Dandia, the Garba on folk songs, all dressed up in the vivid clothing of the state, while Priya also touched upon many unique features of the artistic state. Later, Audiences had a great time learning the circular social form Garba and then found partners to dance with sticks, the Dandia!  

If you missed, not to worry!  Our upcoming workshops on March 11 and April 9 will be guaranteed to get you on your feet!


More photos of our First of the series of workshops on Feb 11 :