Indian and American popular Festivals-celebrate with Bollywood Dance!

Bollywood is all about celebrations! So wherever there is music and dance, Bollywood fits right in!

Why just Indian or multi-cultural festivals, but we can go a few notches beyond to help you revel in good ole’ American traditions with BOLLYWOOD!

Celebrate your most popular Indian or American festivals with the versatility of Bollywood ! You’d be sure to find an effortlessly integral and fantastic mix, as we creatively blend one tradition with another. Catchy music, vivacious lead dancers!

Be it Holi, Halloween, Diwali, Valentine, Christmas or Thanksgiving, Indigo will help you find that unique flavor you’re looking for ! Just call on us to find out how… let us get your creative juices flowing!


Namaste Raleigh
Head bobBollywood Dance and Fitness Performing Arts academy in Raleigh-DurhamBollywood Dance and Indian performing arts classes in Raleigh DurhamThronging crowd-3


V-day Special Dance 2015










Bollywood Dance and Fitness Performing Arts academy in Raleigh-DurhamMatched the tree sitting

Posin near tree- matching colors