Significance of I.D.E.A.

The name Indigo Dance Evolution has much significance to us.

Indigo :

Indigo has several ties to India and the world.

It is a color named after the blue dye derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria, first discovered in India. India is believed to be the oldest center of indigo dyeing in the Old World. It was a primary supplier of indigo dye, derived from the plant to Europe as early as 1280. History was created when this plant started popularly being used for dyeing cloth such as denim. The indigo color in jeans is today globally associated with fashion & functionality -a universal acceptance around the world. In much the same way, Indigo Academy also hopes to contribute the beauty of modern & classical Indian dance towards universal acceptance and cross-cultural integration.

Isaac Newton introduced indigo as one of the seven colors in his rainbow spectrum. He compared it to the sixth note in music.

Indigo is closely associated with nature in the color of the skies & seas.

Indigo is also associated with Hindu mythology with Hindu gods Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva who are often depicted as blue in color. The color electric indigo is used to symbolically represent the sixth chakra (called Ajna), which is said to include the third eye. This chakra is believed to be related to intuition and spiritual knowledge. Some new age psychics describe the Seven Rays which classifies humans into seven different types, the “ray” of “Love-Wisdom” is represented by the color Indigo.


Why “Evolution” ? 

Today dancing across the globe is no longer simply a”fusion”. What we are witnessing is in fact an ‘evolution‘ in dance,  where dancers across the world are making extraordinary strides in bringing about an era of dance which is no longer limited to  their geographic, racial, cultural or heritage boundaries.

While people of all origins in many countries are enjoying, performing, creating from several dance forms of India, people in the SE Asian subcontinent are experimenting with dance forms like Latin, hiphop, funk, etc.   Today, dance cannot be typecast simply with any one’s particular cultural or racial background. While peoples of particular regions may excel within their own dance heritage, however as more and more exposure, training and opportunities are presented around the world to dancers & students, we are seeing the birth of an international dance wave!

The information gateway has helped spread a vast number of dances and music to every nook and corner of the earth. There is a global synergy happening – and Indigo Dance Evolution Academy identifies wholly with this cross-cultural phenomenon and following its evolution very closely.

Dance –for Life! 


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